Does Lipitor Cause Diabetes in Women?

Written by on August 14, 2013

Several recent studies have investigated the link between Lipitor and diabetes in women, particularly postmenopausal women. While previous research indicated that statins may carry an elevated risk for diabetes, these studies revealed that this risk may be particularly high for women who are middle aged and older.

On January 9, 2012 published an article warning that statins like Lipitor may increase the risk of diabetes in middle-aged and older women.1 The article pointed to research from the University of Massachusetts which compared women who were taking statins with women who did not. Even after variables like age and weight were taken into account, women taking statins were “almost 50% more likely to report developing type 2 diabetes than women who did not“, the site reported.

The University of Massachusetts study tracked the health of 153,840 postmenopausal women who were taking statins like Lipitor. Most women were followed for 7 years.2 By the end of the study, 10,242 women reported developing diabetes during this time frame. Compared to the control group, this represented a nearly 50% increase in risk. This potential risk is particularly troubling because the American Diabetes Association recommends the prescription of statin therapies to many diabetes patients.

Statins and Diabetes

This important diabetes study followed previous work by researchers trying to determine the effects of statins as a class on diabetes risk.  These researchers analyzed 13 trials that studied 5 different statins, and concluded that, generally, statin therapy was linked to an increased risk for diabetes.  Though this trial did not investigate Lipitor specifically, or analyze men and women separately, it provided important evidence that statins may carry an elevated diabetes risk.

Although statins have been proven effective in lowering cholesterol, women who used Lipitor and other drugs and developed diabetes may feel that they were not informed of the risk of serious side effects. Diabetes is a difficult, lifelong disease that requires daily monitoring and treatment—it is possible that some women would have chosen not to take Lipitor if they had known about this potential risk.

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