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First Lipitor Diabetes Lawsuit Goes To Trial In November, 2015

Written by on August 31, 2015
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Thousands of women may have been harmed by Lipitor, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes despite living healthy lives and showing no family history of the disease. They’re now suing the manufacturer Pfizer, alleging it knew about the risk, but failed to sufficiently warn the public. The first Lipitor diabetes lawsuit to go to trial is expected to do so in November, 2015.

For many women who have filed Lipitor lawsuit claims, the upcoming trial signifies a milestone. Some have waited years to have their cases heard in court. They’ve waited patiently to pursue compensation for their injuries and diminished quality of life.

The lawsuit scheduled to begin in November is known as a bellwether trial. It’s among the first group of cases to be heard by jurors. It will be watched closely by attorneys on both sides of the Lipitor litigation to note how jurors respond to testimony and evidence.

There is still time to join the litigation. If you or someone you love took Pfizer’s drug to lower your cholesterol and later became diabetic, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Call 1-888-578-4755 to speak with our experienced personal injury lawyers about filing a Lipitor diabetes lawsuit claim.

Why Lipitor Lawsuit Plaintiffs Are Suing Pfizer

Wilma Daniels claims she has always led a healthy, active lifestyle, sticking to a healthy diet and keeping her weight in check. In 1998, she decided to start taking Lipitor. The manufacturer had claimed the drug could significantly reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

In 2004, Ms. Daniels was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Her lawsuit notes that she must now take medications, regularly check her blood sugar levels and maintain a restrictive diet. In addition, it notes that her condition puts her at an increased risk for serious health complications, such as kidney disease, nerve damage and blindness.

Ms. Daniels filed her lawsuit against Pfizer in 2014. She alleges that prior to 2012, the safety label for Lipitor never mentioned the possibility of raised blood sugar levels. It certainly didn’t mention the risk of developing diabetes.

According to her case, it wasn’t a matter of Pfizer not realizing the danger. Numerous studies published in medical and scientific literature over the last 20 years have shown a potentially causal link between Lipitor and diabetes side effects. Ms. Daniels claims the drug maker should have known about it and warned the public.

The FDA’s Division of Metabolism and Endocrinology Products demanded that Pfizer revise the Lipitor safety label in 2011. The drug maker complied in early 2012. But many plaintiffs, including Ms. Daniels, argue the revised label is still inadequate. Rather than clearly explaining that Lipitor might cause diabetes in women, it cryptically notes that “increases in HbAlc and fasting serum glucose levels have been reported with HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors.”

Many women continue to take the drug, unaware it might cause them to develop a serious and life-threatening illness.

Pfizer Attempts To Have Lipitor Case Dismissed Before Trial

Rather than allowing a jury to hear Ms. Daniels’ side of the story, Pfizer is attempting to have her case thrown out. In early August, it filed a motion for summary judgment.

In its motion to Judge Gergel, the judge overseeing the Lipitor MDL (multidistrict litigation), Pfizer argues that Ms. Daniels lacks sufficient evidence to support her claim. The drug manufacturer contends she cannot prove Lipitor caused her to become diabetic.

Pfizer’s motion points out that leading up to her prescription of Lipitor, Ms. Daniels indulged lifestyle choices, such as smoking, known to increase the risk of diabetes. In addition, she allegedly showed signs of high blood sugar when she started taking the drug.

In order for Ms. Daniel’s lawsuit to proceed to trial, it must survive Pfizer’s motion for summary judgment. Judge Gergel has yet to issue a decision and Ms. Daniels’ legal team has yet to issue a response.

It’s important to note Pfizer’s motion is exclusive to Ms. Daniels’ case. It does not affect the 2,400 additional Lipitor diabetes claims currently pending against the drug maker.

Time Is Running Out To Join The Lipitor Litigation

The amount of time you have to file a claim is based on the statute of limitations in your state. The window may be closing depending on where you live. It’s important to contact a Lipitor settlement lawyer as soon as you learn the drug may have caused you to become diabetic.

Please call 1-888-578-4755 if you took Lipitor and were diagnosed with diabetes. An attorney will review the circumstances surrounding your case and help you to understand your legal options.

The case evaluation and advice are free. We’re here to listen and answer any questions you have about filing a Lipitor diabetes lawsuit against Pfizer. If you decide to do so, there are never any legal fees unless we win your case and recover compensation for you.

There is no risk in speaking with our Lipitor diabetes attorneys about filing a claim. Contact our offices at your earliest convenience to learn about your legal options and find out the Lipitor claim-filing deadline in your state. Our law firm is ready to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

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